WE ARE STILL SELLING MASKS! After many request we are still making mask and have many new fabrics and more coming in. They are $10 each (with elastic) or $12 each (with behind the head ties) plus shipping or pick up. I am using material recommendations set by the CDC but they are limited. If you are interested please fill out the order form at or message Valerie's Sewing Emporium with the quantity and the name of fabric you would like (Please see the Face Mask Fabric Album for options and use the name in the description) and contact information. Note: There are people who think it is wrong of me to make a profit on this situation. This is not my intent, this is my job. Customer come to me with requested items and I provide. As a small local business I too am struggling to provide for my family, I would love to donate more if I could afford to but that is not the case. Please remain kind and understanding during these times. Thank you and stay safe.